Klezmer promiscuity

Last nite after a rocking good Rebs set (if I must say so myself), which included Josh (sax), Hayden (clarinet) and Dean (trombone) jamming with us on Od Yishama and Grine Kuzine, Oy Azoy did their own set and Urs stepped up and wailed away with a flurry of note noodles (note kugels?) that had us all amazed.  Great to hear Oy Azoy myspace.com/oyazoy with a new angle on klezmer – kind of a pacific reggae-ska thing with some klezmer overtones – shall we call it Jamaican kugel? Or as Dr McCoy would say to Captain Kirk: “It’s klezmer Jim, but not as we know it.” 

I loved the arrangements of the sax/clarinet/trombone trio.

Yishama-o-rama : DJ Cut Loose remixes the Rebs

Here’s a first for the Klezmer Rebs – young, exciting and just finished the Certificate in DJ and Electronic Music DJ course at Whitireia Polytech, DJ Cut Loose (aka Jen) has remixed Od Yishama, which is part of a medley on the 13th track of the Rebs latest CD Just add shmaltz.

Cut Loose was given the Rebs’ pre-mastered tracks from the song and has transformed it into something very different.  Yishama-o-rama she calls it. You can listen to it right now!

… or head over to Jen’s Myspace page, download it for a trifle


and you can dance to it anywhere!