Hey Kiwi! – Download a new Rebs song for free if you enrol to vote

The Klezmer Rebs have joined efforts with bands such as The Clean, The Phoenix Foundation, Newtown Rocksteady, Anna Coddington, Amanda Maclean (our fabulous Rebs helicon player!) and others for Hey Kiwi. This is an initiative by the Green Party (approved by Elections NZ) to get young people to enrol to vote (you don’t have to vote Green but it wouldn’t hurt …). 

Go to http://www.heykiwi.org.nz/ and check your enrolment to vote status. If you are enroled or fill out an enrolment form, then you can download a song for free! So enrol already! And you can download for free our newly recorded klezmer tango song Gedenk written by Benzion Wilter and sung by Reb Rose. For free!