Klezmer Rebs kept the crowds warm at Newtown Festival


The weather gods held back the rain and the Klezmer Rebs kept the crowd warm with our tuchas-shaking set on the Main stage at the Newtown Festival.  Rebs fan Helga Goran took some fotos of us (above and linked here here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=90677&id=1620667385&fbid=1740802332791)

Oy Azoy had the tough spot of opening at 10am, and Josh joined us for a short jam at the end of our set.

Here he is, looking totally like the cool jazzman that he is, slumming it with the Rebs.

I enjoyed comrades in arms Hikoikoi and will be sad to see keyboard player James leaving NZ for a while to set up shop in Berlin, where there is apparently a lively kiwi expat music scene.

DJ Cut Loose makes Klezmer Rebs world famous

DJ Cut Loose did a remix of Od Yishama from the Rebs’ Just add shmaltz CD, which we mentioned in an earlier news item.

She has now done a “radiata” edit remix and it has been included (as track eight) on a Hanukkah album compiled by Tablet Magazine – Another Time, Another Way, which features remixed versions of holiday and Jewish classics.

Check out the Table Magazine article about the album where you can listen to or download it for your listening pleasure.

Or just listen to the tune right here:

Thanks for making us world famous Cut Loose!