Klezmer Rebs

New Klezmer Rebs video pastiche

thanks to the great work of Amanda and Alexis and other unknown amateur film students you can now watch a Video Pastiche with the current band lineup circa 2017, with a few oldies throw in for fun!Klezmer Rebs video pastiche 2017

Rebs World Famous on Forward website!


Wow we’ve made the big time. An old foto from about 4 years ago. Dave Moskovitz, Sue Esterman, and Rainer Thiel – you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave from Hotel Klezmer Rebs. Now how did a little ‘ol amateur klezmer band from little ole Wellington New Zealand get to have our foto used for an article about how klezmer music is live and well? The lord moves in mysterious ways! Thanks Forward! Honoured to be in your legendary publication!