Klezmer Rebs

Sunday Star Times won’t name the title of our new CD

Good on Mike Alexander for mentioning the Klezmer Rebs dilemma in his On the Beat column in the Sunday Star Times (26 February 2012, pF17), but awfully weird that “for legal reasons we cannot name the title of the album.”  Oh, you must be referring to Anarchia Total.  Now how is a song about freedom and standing up for civil and human rights a threat to the nation or Urs’s trial?

Want to judge for yourself? For a live version and translation of Urs’s song Anarchia Total have a look and listen here http://klezmer.co.nz/our-music/ (scroll down a bit). Ask for the new Klezmer Rebs album Anarchia Total at your local CD shop (if your town has any left) and/or order here  http://klezmer.co.nz/cd-order/ or on line here http://klezmer.bandcamp.com/ .

For the band’s view about it all, have a read of this http://klezmer.co.nz/2012/02/18/1016/

Thanks for the nice words and support from Ode Records boss Roger Marbeck.

The full article is below.