Rocking weddings

The vibe at the Rothman-Gibson wedding yesterday was amazing.  Reb Dave caught the action in a snap from the stage while he was singing –

Dancing at the Rothman-Gibson Wedding

Di Mezinke Oysgegebn

Hekher besser,
Di rod, di rod makht gresser,
Groys hot mikh Got gemakht
Glik hot er mir gebrakht
Hulyet kinder a gantse nakht –
Di mezinke oysgegebn.
Dance higher, better,
Make larger the dance ring,
God has made me great,
Has brought me good fortune:
So party people all night long,
The youngest daughter is wed!
Shtarker, freylakh,
Du di malke, ikh der melekh
Ay ay ay, ikh aleyn
Hob mit mayne oygn gezeyn
Vi Got iz mir matsliah geven –
Di mezinke oysgegebn.
With more might, joyful!
Tonight you are the queen and I the king,
Indeed I myself
Have seen with my own eyes,
How God has given me a bounty;
The youngest daughter is wed!
Itsik shpitsik
Vos shvaygstu mitn shmitshik
Oyf di klezmer gib a geshrey
Tsu shpiln zey tsu shlofn zey
Raysst di strines ale oyf tsvey –
Di mezinke oysgegebn.
Itsik, you pointy headed one,
Why are you so gentle with your bow?
Yell at your musicians,
Are they playing or sleeping?!
Tear those strings apart –
The youngest daughter is wed!

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