Listen before you buy – 2 songs from the new Rebs CD – Moonlight & Josh’s Song

Before you decide to buy (of course you will!) the new Klezmer Rebs CD Always a Pleasure, have a listen to two featured tracks:

Moonlight (Ladino song) is a stunning 7/8 time signature Ladino/English song – Ladino being the Spanish-sounding language of Sephardi Jews who come from the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and Arabic countries.  Reb Rose sings it beautifully and it features an outstanding solo by our activist/anarchist clarinet player Urs Signer.

Also here’s a snippet from the opening track. Josh’s Song for the Rebs is an original written for us by our friend Wellington jazz musician Josh Simon and played with a bit of swing. It forms the first part of a medley, but you’ll have to get the CD to hear it all.

To order and buy Always a Pleasure, or any of our other Klezmer Rebs CDs, go to CD Order

You can also purchase tracks from our Bandcamp site




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