Rebs at taupo jazz fest 18 january

Montreux at the bottom of the world?

Taupo is hosting the first ever Taupo Jazz Festival on 18 January (Wellington Anniversary weekend) featuring the River City Jazzmen, Reuben Bradley and the Great Lake Big Band. The Rebs will be 8 strong featuring Urs on clarinet, Alex on violin, Rob bass, Amanda helicon/drums, Emma accordian and vocals, Rose piano and vocals and David guitar and mandolin and vocals.

Catch us at 6.30 pm at the Great Lake Centre Hall on a bill with the River City Jazzmen. Tickets are $60 at

One thought on “Rebs at taupo jazz fest 18 january”

  1. The Klezmer Rebs were brilliant..
    Taupō will have another jazz festival!

    Thanks 🙏 to all who came: don’t miss the next one

    Thanks to Taupō council (Steve Giles, Gillian Taplin, et al) for their solid support.

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