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Cat got your tush? Klezmer Rebs at “Meow” Thursday 8 May

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Feline frenzy? Cat got your tush?

The Klezmer Rebs go all fluffy at Meow (the cafe)

The Klezmer Rebs present

A journey through klezmer music from the old country to modern klezmer fusion

Over 2 hours the Rebs will play story songs from the old country, socialist and partisan anthems, Roma jazz, Yiddish/American swing, and modern klezmer fusion. There will be sadness, dancing, and songs of revolution and Anarchia total with the Rebs 8 piece band featuring clarinettist Urs Signer.

Where: Meow (the café) 9 Edward Street, Wellington Thursday 8 May

When: 8pm doors open (or come for dinner first!) 9pm first of 2 sets by Klezmer Rebs

How much: $7 door charge


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A Journey Through Jewish Klezmer Music: From the ‘Old Country’ to modern Klezmer fusion

Its official. Victoria University Continuing Education is offering a course in Klezmer Music, titled “A Journey Through Jewish Klezmer Music: From the ‘Old Country’ to modern Klezmer fusion” led by yours truly (Reb David) with help from the other Rebs.

The 6 week course on Tuesday evenings from 1 April (no fooling!)  will look at Klezmer music from historical, cultural, linguistic and musical perspectives. It includes lecture presentations, audio recordings and live performance demonstrations. A Klezmer Rebs CD is included in the course fee.

Click below for more info and to register.

Music and revolution take stage at Old St Paul’s – A review of the Klezmer Rebs gig

Lindis Taylor at Middle C (who mainly do classical music reviews) wrote a forthright review of the Rebs’ gig at Old St Paul’s back in August.

Selected quotes:

“Their frequent style and subject matter, congruent with their name, is revolution, booze, sex and most things in between. For example there’s the title song of their latest CD, Anarchia Total, which could well become one of the most alarming projects under the most urgently needed revision of state security measures in the Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill.”

“It was a rousing performance which will doubtless swell the numbers at their training camps.”

“The quasi-military character of the squad was emphasized by the expropriation of elements of Royal New Zealand Navy uniform by the trumpeter/vocalist David Moskovitz, viz an officer’s hat. But to regain a military/civilian balance, there were other cultural insignia, such as the embroidered skull-cap worn by guitarist David Weinstein and the dresses worn by the women that might have suggested, variously, the hippie era or Bukovinian/Ruthenian peasant dress.”

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So what about the music?

“The music was in keeping: happy, irreverent, using a variety of boisterously played instruments.”

“Rose sang a couple of further songs, some using pretty hand movements, Odessa Bulgar and Bublichki, before there was another urging to debauchery, a striking drinking song composed by Moskovitz and clarinetist Signer, Kumt, kumt, khaverim (Come, come friends).”

“Finally they checked whether there were Russian speakers in the audience; when no hands were raised, “That’s good; this is a filthy Russian song”; it was called Zvezda (Star) and when no translation was offered I had to assume that here was the compulsory hymn to sexual licentiousness. At least, the music was pretty risqué.”

Thanks Lindis for really listening and thinking about our music. We think you got it.

Read the whole review here



Klezmer Rebs featured in RNZ National programme 4pm Saturday 6 July

Adventures in Musicland: Ingathering of the Klezmer Exiles

Klezmer music has its roots in the Ashkenazic Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, who brought its lively melodies to the United States where they melded with new influences like jazz and swing. The sound of Klezmer has since migrated around the world, and a tight-knit band of musicians continues to keep the sound alive in New Zealand. Sam Wicks investigates the enduring appeal of the original shtetl (ghetto) music.

Listen to Sam Wicks’ programme on the RNZ National programme Adventures in Musicland: Ingathering of the Klezmer Exiles 4:10 p.m. Saturday, 6 July 2013 and repeated at 8:30pm Friday, 12 July 2013

The programme features interviews with Rebs singer/trumpeteer Dave Moskovitz and mandolin/guitarist David Weinstein, along with Jews Bro Hershel Hersher.

To hear more of the Klezmer Rebs music click here and to order a Rebs CD click here