Wellington World Music Collection CD Launch

A great time was had by all when the Rebs played  at the Garden Club for the CD launch of the Wellington World Music Collection. Niko Ne Zna was worth waiting for – they pumped and put on a great show, including coming down into the audience and getting us to dance!

If you want a copy of the CD contact me through this facebook page or via www.klezmer.co.nz

Wellington World Music Collection CD

Joe Cederwall of the Overseas Experiment www.myspace.com/overseasexperiment has put together a collection of world music from eight Wellington-based bands.  The tracks feature South Asian Hip Hop from Big Bada Boom, the Balkan/Gypsy beats of Nico Ne Zna, Brazealand, Sam Manzanza and Stonerange with African sounds, and latin artists Jinetero MC and Carlos Navae y Son Clave.  The Klezmer Rebs contributed an original track, Kumt Kumt Khaverim (Come come friends) composed by our clarinetist Urs Signer and with yiddish lyrics by Dave Moskovitz’s dear yiddishe mama Dr Sarah Traister  Moskovitz.

The launch of the nicely designed CD featuring the Rebs and a number of the participating world music bands performing live will be Friday nite 15 July at the Garden Bar in Wellington.

Klezmer Rebs kept the crowds warm at Newtown Festival


The weather gods held back the rain and the Klezmer Rebs kept the crowd warm with our tuchas-shaking set on the Main stage at the Newtown Festival.  Rebs fan Helga Goran took some fotos of us (above and linked here here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=90677&id=1620667385&fbid=1740802332791)

Oy Azoy had the tough spot of opening at 10am, and Josh joined us for a short jam at the end of our set.

Here he is, looking totally like the cool jazzman that he is, slumming it with the Rebs.

I enjoyed comrades in arms Hikoikoi and will be sad to see keyboard player James leaving NZ for a while to set up shop in Berlin, where there is apparently a lively kiwi expat music scene.

DJ Cut Loose makes Klezmer Rebs world famous

DJ Cut Loose did a remix of Od Yishama from the Rebs’ Just add shmaltz CD, which we mentioned in an earlier news item.

She has now done a “radiata” edit remix and it has been included (as track eight) on a Hanukkah album compiled by Tablet Magazine – Another Time, Another Way, which features remixed versions of holiday and Jewish classics.

Check out the Table Magazine article about the album where you can listen to or download it for your listening pleasure.

Or just listen to the tune right here:

Thanks for making us world famous Cut Loose!

Klezmer meets Houdini and Mata Hari at the Ruby Lounge

Klezmerising Houdini

The Rebs will play a concert at the very classy Ruby Lounge, Bond Street Wellington, on 21 November from 4 – 7 pm.

This will be a civilized Sunday afternoon/evening at this lovely and intimate venue. Come along for a drink (or 4), have a nice Ruby Lounge dinner, and hear a full concert’s worth of Klezmer Rebs music.

In a unique Wellington arts event, the Klezmer Rebs will perform an intimate concert at the Ruby Lounge, featuring a special set with Raumati author Lynn Jenner reading poetry accompanied by klezmer music.

After the Klezmer Rebs’ first set (around 5.15) you will experience a special artistic partnership featuring the poetry of Lynn Jenner, from her award-winning book Dear Sweet Harry. Lynn’s poems introduce you to Harry Houdini, the world’s greatest ever escapologist, and Mata Hari, a woman who did not so much dance as slowly and gracefully take off her clothes. The musical accompaniment is pushy, poignant, sweet and sad and hopeful, just like Houdini and Mata Hari, and it travels around the world just as they did.

This is the kind of show the Rebs love to play, as it allows us to stretch out and play our whole range of repertoire, including the soft and sad tunes as well as the tuchass-shaking rebellious ones.  We will play a quadroodle (?) of short Hannukah songs, and play live for the first time two new songs we have been working on – one is a yiddish tango and the other a klezmer country swing song.

We’re thirlled that Urs Signer will be with us on stage with his soaring clarinet solos, and even helicon player Amanda from Gisborne (and her hubby soundman Alexis) will be with us to make the Rebs complete and give us a great bottom end!

Here is how Capital Times (thanks Melody) puts it:  http://www.capitaltimes.co.nz/article/3575/KlezmerisingHoudini.html

L’Chayim: a celebration of Jewish Life in Story and Song

Storyteller Mona Williams and the Klezmer Rebs helped raise over $1200 for Temple Sinai at Sunday’s L’Chayim fundraiser.

Mona told an Issac Bashevis Singer story about a ‘ fools paradise’ and a personal story about the man who created the stained glass windows at the synagogue. The Rebs threw a few of our story-songs into the mix.

Thanks to all who attended for your support.

Klezmer promiscuity

Last nite after a rocking good Rebs set (if I must say so myself), which included Josh (sax), Hayden (clarinet) and Dean (trombone) jamming with us on Od Yishama and Grine Kuzine, Oy Azoy did their own set and Urs stepped up and wailed away with a flurry of note noodles (note kugels?) that had us all amazed.  Great to hear Oy Azoy myspace.com/oyazoy with a new angle on klezmer – kind of a pacific reggae-ska thing with some klezmer overtones – shall we call it Jamaican kugel? Or as Dr McCoy would say to Captain Kirk: “It’s klezmer Jim, but not as we know it.” 

I loved the arrangements of the sax/clarinet/trombone trio.

Yishama-o-rama : DJ Cut Loose remixes the Rebs

Here’s a first for the Klezmer Rebs – young, exciting and just finished the Certificate in DJ and Electronic Music DJ course at Whitireia Polytech, DJ Cut Loose (aka Jen) has remixed Od Yishama, which is part of a medley on the 13th track of the Rebs latest CD Just add shmaltz.

Cut Loose was given the Rebs’ pre-mastered tracks from the song and has transformed it into something very different.  Yishama-o-rama she calls it. You can listen to it right now!

… or head over to Jen’s Myspace page, download it for a trifle


and you can dance to it anywhere!